Danza Teatro Retazos – Transitos en Rojo (link 1)

Peter Jasko – Solo2009

Danza Teatro Retazos (link 2)

Sun-A Lee – Waves

Danza Teatro Retazos (link 3)

420PEOPLE – Golden Crock

Eleonore Valere Lachky and Anton Lachky – In the Way


420PEOPLE – Golden Crock

Same wish, same dream, sets three people on the same path.
Along the way, as the present is constantly changing, they first have to discover them self’s.
Their own revelations are taking us into unexpected situations and places.
And perhaps these changes are the true present.

  • Choreography: Václav Kuneš
  • Music: Lajkó Félix (arranged by: Harmen Straatman)
  • Performing: Nataša Novotná, Václav Kuneš and Milan Odstrčil

Eleonore Valere Lachky and Anton Lachky –          In the Way

In the way is based on relationship, how do we listen and don’t to each other, how individual or dependent we are. How much we need to say on our own (few, alot)
How silent we need to be…

  • Choregraphy: Eleonore Valere Lachky and Anton Lachky
  • Music: Anima Coatica
  • Performing: Eleonore Valere Lachky and Anton Lachky

Danza Teatro Retazos – Transitos en Rojo             (link 1,2 and 3)

Danza Teatro Retazos is working site specific and in “Transitos en Rojo” they use the urban landscape to create this year’s link between the performances. In collaboration with the musician Pär Moberg.

  • Choregraphy: Isabel Bustos
  • Music: Glen Velez, Rhytms of The Chakras
  • Performing: Sheila San Martin Morejon, Danay Acosta Torres and Yoandy Martinez Gonzáles
  • Musician: Pär Moberg

Sun-A Lee – Waves

Waves expresses the encounter sound waves and energy movement through the phenomenon of “Ripple”. Coming from outside, music, voices or sounds produced reactions within the body and fester until it becomes visually perceptible, as movements, gestures and dance.

“When the music starts, my energy accelerates the heartbeat. I feel that the blood circulates in my veins and it seems like “waves” that dance in my heart until the body transmits to the outside, where the eye of the viewer identifies them as my movement intimate ”
– Sun-A Lee

  • Choregraphy: Sun-A Lee
  • Music: Pan Sonic IImenemismuoto-Appearanceform, Joskus, Benga Intro, Electro Musik, Duel, Skream Dutch Flowerz (music production and mix N2)
  • Performing: Sun-A Lee

Peter Jasko – Solo2009

“One day I closed my eyes and saw a land.
Land of power, rhythms, emotions, motions and sentiments….”
This performance is a result of themes, ideas and thoughts related to life, nature and dance as a part of it. Solo2009 is a dance of journeys through different lands. It is about the spontaneous composition of poetry of movements, inspired by the rules of nature and human reality.
Peter Jasko`s dancing embraces a wide range of possibilities, while breaking through categories. He invites you to share how he feels, what he misses, where he goes and how he gets there…

  • Choregraphy: Peter Jasko
  • Music: Simon Thierrée, Jozef Vlk
  • Performing: Peter Jasko