420PEOPLE (Czech Republic) is a collective of artists who insist on the values of exceptional quality of performance and professionalism.Their pieces, however, don´t lack playfulness and courage with which they bring on stage a wide vocabulary of contemporary dance. Improvisation is a natural part of their creation and so is an informal dialogue with the spectator in the form of an after-performance discussion. 420PEOPLE that is, above all, Václav Kuneš and Nataša Novotná, their artistic vision and continual effort to establish a group producing works of the label Made By Czechs which are, nevertheless, integral parts of the international scene.

Eleonore Valere Lachky (France) graduated at P.A.R.T.S. 2004, she is currently touring with Needcompany under the direction of Jan Lauwers and has been commissioned again this year to make her fourth piece for Trafo Theatre in Budapest, Premiere November 2011.

Anton Lachky (Slovakia) started to dance at the age of 5, in the folk dance company Maly Vtácnik. Continued his dance education at the J.L.Bellu Conservatory in Banská Bystrica, and at P.A.R.T.S. As a choreographer, Anton Lachky created several choreographic works and his teaching activities are wide ranging. Anton Lachky is co-founder of Les SlovaKs Dance Collective. They created their first piece “Opening Night” in 2006 and Premiered it in October 2007.

Danza Teatro Retazos (Cuba) is a contemporary dance company founded in Havana 1987 by teacher and choreographer Isabel Bustos Romoleroux.In the versatile career of this company, their shows are characterized by a rich choreographic and theatrical language that touches the viewer, with a lyrical latinamerican spirituality.

Pär Moberg is a folk musician and is in City Hoppers collaborating with Danza Teatro Retazos. Main instrument is saxophones, but he also plays different kinds of flutes, harmonica, hurdy gurdy and didgeridoo. Pär plays with folk music bands of several different kinds, among others Rayna Gellert Skåne, Folk Youth Ensemble, Everybody Gets Lonely Orchestra and Grannar. He also write and arrange music.

Sun-A Lee (South Korea) choreographer and performer. Her professional career started from the award-winning “Performing Dream” when shown at the 2007 Yokohama Dance Collection R, Japan and the 12th Masdanza Solo competition, at Maspalomas, Spain. Sun A-LEE has performed her pieces in Korea, Japan and Europe. Sun A-LEE has created a genuine, personal style where movements are created by using all parts of the body which can be ignored in routine life. Therefore, audience of any age is intrigued and captured by her expression.

Peter Jasko (Slovakia / Belgium) graduated from the Conservatory J.L.Bella of dance, Banska Bystrica, Slovakia 2001, continued to the University of Music and Dramatic Arts in Bratislava and P.A.R.T.S. Peter Jaskos professional experience ranges from dancing with different international companies such as Zuzana Hajkova, Opera Banska Bystrica, AspO, Company Roberto Olivan and many other artists. Since 9 years, he is collaborating with David Zambrano as a performer, and also as an assistant for his classes and workshops. Peter Jasko is co-founder of Les SlovaKs Dance Collective. They created their first piece “Opening Night” in 2006 and Premiered it in October 2007.